Cubit Kitchens team is ready for Custom Kitchens and Kitchen Renos

Our Cubit Kitchens team and partners are renovation specialist with decades of experience. Kitchen Renovations, Custom Kitchens, and Special Carpentry Projects.

Cubit Kitchens kitchen Builds
Our Story


After many years of carpentry work, in 2009, Harry Bloemendal, was looking to take his skills to a larger audience. He purchased an existing carpentry business in Guelph Wellington called Angelo's Carpentry. With his team and selected external partners, he has since grown the business working with several local well known home builders on carpentry for new build homes as well as expanding his client base with many years of client projects small and large.

As well as growing the business, Harry has also expanded his shop with new equipment, processes and team members in his family run operation. During the pandemic of 2020, Harry made the move to rebrand his business.  He also expanded his offerings to include more direct custom kitchen and kitchen renovation projects along with specialty carpentry projects for his clients.

This move brought to life "Cubit Kitchens", with a focus on Kitchen projects while still managing other innovative and creative carpentry solutions. Cubit Kitchens brings all Harry's decades of experience and trusted skilled external partners directly to clients who want kitchen renovations and custom kitchens.

Always ready to listen and help, Harry and the Cubit Kitchens team would love to hear about your next dream and help it to become your new reality.

Cubit Kitchens custom finishing
Want something extra Special?


Decades of experience and a full in-house workshop for finishing, the Cubit Kitchens team produces the best finishes for all your wood projects.

  • Full in-house shop
  • Custom finishing equipment and setup
  • Decades of experience
  • Many wood types and finishing options
  • Proprietary finishing process
  • Every detail masterfully produced
  • Friendly team to work with
Cubit Kitchens will produce the best finishes on all your cabinets, doors and other surfaces.


Our experience and knowledge is ready for your project.